Real Consulting

Real Consulting Integration and Operation Informatics Systems SA (RCIO) was founded in 2002 and today employs more than 190 employees with vertical expertise in the industry. The company has a presence in Greece, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates, specifically in Dubai.

Its customers exceed 400 and come from the retail, service, and public sector. The shareholders of the company are Mr. Nikos Vardinoyannis and Mr. Anastasios Papargyris.

Real Consulting’s activities include all the services that constitute the concept of providing integrated IT solutions.

Utilizing a broad infrastructure of skills, methodologies and experience, the activities provided by the company fall primarily within the following groups of IT services:

α) Planning, Design and Implementation.

b) Development of Specialised Applications.

c) Consulting support.

d) Project management.

e) Technical Support.

f) Hosting of Systems and Applications.

Real Consulting specializes in providing IT solutions, primarily in the sectors of automotive, telecommunications, consumer goods, healthcare, wholesale and retail, energy, and financial institutions.

Real Consulting owned INCADEA software, a multinational ERP software platform for automotive companies. During the period of ownership INCADEA established itself globally increasing revenues from €10M to €70M, staff from 67 to 650, and changed INCADEA’s presence to a more aggressive “go-to-market” approach through a network of 12 subsidiaries worldwide. Users of the platform increased from 3,700 to 75,000.

Real Consulting in 2015 started the development of a new software platform again for the automotive industry, OneDealer. The vision of OneDealer is “to digitally transform customers by providing them with an integrated digital presence, management and collaboration platform”. OneDealer, currently leverages a team of 60 automotive experts and focuses on:

  1. Digital Transformation of CRM and wholesale/retail automotive processes to global standards.
  2. Creation of a cloud-based web solutions based on SAP Business One infrastructure and SAP HANA in-memory database.
  3. Innovation because OneDealer is based on and implements features such as:            a)The creation of an ecosystem of modular modules that allow merchants to move with great ease from traditional processes to the digital era (full digital presence, digital communication & interaction channels with customers and partners).                                b) Creating appropriate workflows to customers in modular steps (e.g., in the purchase or maintenance of their vehicle depending on their priorities, time available and availability of infrastructure).
  4. Leveraging artificial intelligence (such as license plate recognition, used car price evaluation, machine learning-based sales proposal optimization, etc.)
  5. Simplification of use for specific roles and/or business models based on analytical access models and sophisticated User eXperience.

Following Real Consulting’s long-standing cooperation with manufacturers, distributors and automotive entrepreneurs, OneDealer today provides extensive B2B and B2C services with global reach. State-of-the-art technologies implemented in cloud-based environments are applied for manufacturers such as VAG Group, Daimler, Hyundai etc. as well as vehicle importers in many countries.

On the OneDealer platform, additional features are implemented which are related to:

1. Adoption and management of new forms of mobility.

2. Connected car services (IOT, big data, analytics).

3. Fleet Management and extraction of critical information from the vehicle fleet, the most important of which remains the characterization of drivers’ driving behavior by leveraging new Cloud technologies as AI, Big Data, Analytics.

4. Car sharing or car sharing services with the broader objective of creating integrated end-to-end Mobility-as-a-Service environments.

5. Realistic applications in existing and upcoming forms of electromobility (e-mobility).

Through centralized management, full fleet supervision can be performed, while the OneDealer platform can also be used for “accounting” fleet management (charging, availability, integration/withdrawal, maintenance, etc.) and business management (fencing, messaging, etc.). Using advanced analytics, the system is optimized, and business decisions are supported.

Due to the significant spread of the use of the sales and after sales platform OneDealer with a significant customer base in Europe (Russia, Germany, Eastern Europe, UK), Near East, America (Latin America, United States) and Oceania, the company is looking forward to an increasing use of the related Mobility-as-a-Service systems due to the relevance of the related projects.

The OneDealer platform has been trusted by the following companies in the automotive industry: