Oι Εταίροι

αρχείο λήψης

Real Consulting was founded in 2002 and operates in Greece, Germany and the United Arab Emirates. It specializes in providing IT solutions in the fields of industrial, automotive, telecommunications, consumer goods, healthcare, and many others.

OneDealer was launched in 2015 to be developed by Real Consulting as a new software platform for the automotive industry with the aim of “Digital Transformation of customers by providing them with a comprehensive digital presence, management and collaboration platform”.

Today, OneDealer leverages a team of sixty automotive experts and provides extensive B2B and B2C services with a global reach. The additional features implemented by the OneDealer platform are related to the management of new forms of mobility, connected car services, Fleet Management, Car Sharing services as well as realistic applications in existing and future forms of electric mobility.

EKETA is one of the important research centers of Greece and is one of the top twenty research bodies of the European Union in attracting resources from European programs. He participates in the project with the Institute of Sustainable Mobility and Transport Networks (IMET) which deals with the planning, study, management and operation of transport systems from the point of view of infrastructure, networks, traffic and transport work.

Much of the equipment and infrastructure of EKETA – IMET will be used in the ERICA project, such as: the Internet of Things infrastructures, Bluetooth detectors, traffic counters, variable message displays, the EKETA traffic monitoring center, and advanced tools such as the dashboard mobility control, the EasyTrip mobility platform that informs users about the existing options in their travel, and infrastructures for real-time data processing, analysis and visualization.

AVIS has been a global force in car rental since 1946. It occupies the first position in Greece where it has been active since 1960 and signs with “We try Harder” developing high-level human-centered services, integrating innovative technologies and trying to effectively respond to modern needs, offering new, flexible products and unique motoring experiences.

Avis, through the ERICA project, will be the first in Greece to develop car-sharing services for electric vehicles and will gain a significant competitive advantage. As the first choice for the development of Car-sharing services, Corfu was chosen, where Avis has been present with two branches since 2002. The research results and the objectives of the ERICA project are components of AVIS’ strategic planning and the company calculates with the development of innovative services that will be completed as qualitative and quantitative results of the project, in a significant increase in its turnover.