Avis has been a global leader in car rental in every corner of the world since 1946, evolving services and processes, upgrading fleet and coverages, incorporating innovative services and technologies, and meeting the specific needs of each country in which Avis operates.

Its global network of 5,450 rental stations around the world offers a choice of personalized products and services, perfectly adapted to the needs of its customers.

Avis has been present in Greece since 1960 (OLYMPIC Commercial and Tourist Enterprises SA) and holds the 1st position in the car rental market in Greece. With a network of 80 rental stations throughout the country, a fleet of more than 35,000 cars and a qualified staff of 500 people, Avis covers vehicle rental needs in the short-term rental (Rent a Car) and long-term rental (Leasing) sectors, while at the same time specializing in the sale of used cars.

The company has a turnover of € 500 million and annual revenues of more than € 180 million. The company holds the master franchise Avis, Budget Rent a Car and Payless Car Rental for all of Greece.

The sectors of services provided are:

Rent A Car: Short term car rental from one day to one year.

Used Car Sales.

Leasing: long-term car lease, aimed at companies of all legal forms and individuals.

Leasing of private trucks up to 3.5 tons


 “We try Harder”, has been the signature since the launch of Avis, which declares its main purpose to providing with continuous improvement. To achieve this purpose, it strives to respond effectively to modern needs by offering new, flexible products and unique automotive experiences.


 According to Avis’ growth plan in the Greek market, after a profitable year in 2018, it expects a 4-5% increase in size in 2019, with an emphasis on the integration of new services covering the major areas of rental on-demand, connected cars and car sharing, electric mobility.

The new rental model that has already been decided by the Avis Board of Directors to be implemented immediately will be the provision of car sharing services in specific areas in Greece starting in 2019. This model will offer new services such as time-based vehicle rental, for short distances e.g. 5-10 km and last minute “last minute” booking.

Among the first city choices for the development of car-sharing services is the island of Corfu, where Avis has been operating with two branches since 2002 and with an expanded fleet and 15-16 staff. The Corfu branches operate on an annual basis because, apart from the tourist interest in the island, there is also high business activity in all 12 months. The choice of Corfu for the development of car-sharing services is therefore included in the strategic objectives of the company.


The development of car-sharing services is among the strategic objectives of the company.     Avis’s current fleet in Greece, in electric cars, is 0.1% of its total vehicles and its target is to increase 5% in the next three years. The results of the project on electromobility and especially on electric vehicle sharing will be directly applied to Avis’ fleet vehicles and the company will make use of the project’s studies such as optimal development of the charger network, improvement of the pricing models of the electric car sharing service, changing the mindset of private vehicle ownership, contribution to the smart-cities objectives and the Paris Agreement on environmental protection, etc.

Avis by developing through the ERICA project, the first in Greece, vehicle sharing services, will gain a significant competitive advantage in Greece and SE Europe, especially the direct development of similar electric vehicle sharing services will establish Avis at a pioneering level, at least in the European automotive services sector. The research results and objectives of the ERICA project are the components of the overall strategic planning of AVIS and the company expects an increase of more than 3% in its turnover with the development of the innovative services that will be completed as qualitative and quantitative results of the project.