The Project

The ERICA project aims to develop an electric vehicle sharing service. The successful operation of an Electric Car sharing system requires addressing specific challenges in their design and management. The implementation of the Electric Car-sharing system and the deployment of the service is initially carried out in Greece, starting from the city of Corfu.

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The island of Corfu is an area that welcomes thousands of visitors every year. Especially in the summer, the tourist traffic increases and the need to commute peaks. Thus, the City of Corfu seems to be the ideal choice for the implementation of the ERICA project service with the support and operation of the Electric Car-sharing system in three well-chosen locations in the city.


Real Consulting was founded in 2002 and has a presence in Greece, Germany and the United Arab Emirates. In 2015, Real Consulting started developing OneDealer, a new software platform for the automotive industry, with the vision of “digitally transforming customers by providing them with an integrated digital presence, management and collaboration platform”.

Avis, a global rental car powerhouse, with a presence in every corner of the globe satisfying the specific needs of the countries in which it operates. Avis has been operating in Greece since 1960 and holds the No. 1 position in the car rental market with a network of 80 rental stations, a qualified staff of 500 people and a fleet of more than 35,000 cars.

The National Centre for Research & Technological Development, a leading research Centre in Greece and one of the top research institutions in the EU. It participates in the ERICA project with the Institute of Sustainable Mobility and Transport Networks. A pioneering, internationally recognized research organization, offering high quality technical services in the field of transportation.

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